SpeedVideo.com & Bradenton Motorsports Park announce Multi-Year Live Broadcast Partnership, including U.S. Street Nationals & Snowbird Outlaw Nationals


Murrieta, CA, July 11, 2016Bradenton Motorsports Park is equally well known for its sunny year-round location near Tampa, Florida, popular drag racing events, and stellar track surface. Two of the most popular events at “BMP” are the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals and the U.S. Street Nationals, held annually in December and January of each year. Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com are proud to announce that they have entered into a multi-year partnership with Bradenton Motorsports Park to live broadcast these events for 2016 and beyond in “HD” with studio-quality audio.

“The Snowbird Outlaw Nationals with its over 30 year tradition, and the U.S. Street Nationals with its’ over 10 year tradition of kicking off the year for outlaw drag racing in the United States, are perfect fits for the premier quality of Speedvideo.com,” said Bradenton Motorsports Park’s Alan Chervitz. “Both events are known for monster fields in Pro Mod and small-tire radial classes,”

SpeedVideo’s James Lawrence knew this track was high on the priority list from day one. “When we first launched SpeedVideo.com, I circled Bradenton Motorsports Park on our schedule, because I knew that there are few track operators as good as Alan and his team. Not just good promoters, but good people. And these two events, the US Street Nationals and Snowbirds, they are really events that have exploded on the national and worldwide scenes.”

SpeedVideo.com will broadcast the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals, December 2-4, 2016; and the US Street Nationals in late January 2017, both in high definition HD for the thousands of viewers at home that can’t travel to Florida for the event.

“We’ve experienced success with live broadcasting our events already, and we feel that this relationship with SpeedVideo.com will help take our events promotion and picture quality to the next level,” explained Chervitz. “We can’t wait to see the fans reactions all over the world when they are able to watch this event in HD in their living rooms and see everything the US Street Nationals and Snowbirds have to offer.”

Show up in Bradenton to experience it all first hand, or watch it online in HD at SpeedVideo.com. For more event information, visit www.bradentonmotorsports.com.

Miller Brothers Productions & SpeedVideo.com announce Multi-Year Live Broadcast Partnership for the Haltech World Cup Finals


Murrieta, CA, May 26, 2016 – There are few events on the drag racing calendar that boast a bigger worldwide following than the legendary Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic. Due to Jason Miller’s legendary track prep, unparalleled cool and dry atmospheric conditions, year round guerrilla marketing, and its growth over the past 20+ years, this epic event attracts the best racers from all over the world to obliterate records and make their mark in history. Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com  are proud to announce that they have entered into a multi-year partnership with Miller Brothers Productions (MBP) to live stream the 21st annual Haltech World Cup Finals, held at Maryland International Raceway, over November 4-6, 2016.

“Fans from all over the world – for the first time in history, are going to be able to experience the Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic, in HD via live stream. SpeedVideo will have multiple cameras filming the action on the track plus driver interviews. All of our WCF racers will now gain an extraordinary amount of additional exposure from the live stream, plus this will be a huge value added for our WCF sponsors.” explained Jason Miller, co-owner of the WCF event. “My brother, Chris Miller, and I are very excited to partner with SpeedVideo for the live stream, it’s something that we considered very carefully, and in the end, we know the worldwide audience will take WCF to a whole new level.”

“I can’t tell you how much respect we have for the Haltech World Cup Finals and what the Millers have built with this event,” said James Lawrence, SpeedVideo CEO. “It’s an event that has a loyal, amazing following, merging together the competition of imports and domestics in a very innovative format. Frankly, it’s an event you need to attend in person to really be able to understand what a crazy, exciting show it is. But we also realize, not everyone all over the world is going to be able to be at MDIR that weekend. Now, they will be able to experience it in full high-definition, and our team is as excited about this event than any event on our schedule. It’s going to be a monster.”

The Haltech World Cup Finals brings side by side racing action from just about every type of genre in drag racing – featuring the top cars from just about every sanctioning body on the planet. You’ll see Outlaw 10.5, Extreme Compact, Limited Drag Radial, Modified Compact, X275 and Hot Rod plus Street Fighter, Super Street, True Street, and All Motor classes made up of high horsepower street cars from just about every circuit and series in the world!

“Forget the trash talking, it’s time to prove that these drivers have got what it takes, with each side putting their reputation and egos on the line,” said Miller. “The event features Import vs. Domestic Drag Racing, a Custom Car Show, Bikini Contest, a huge Vendor Midway, Live DJ, and so much more! The event is busting at the seams with over 25,000 fans in attendance, and there is no other event like it!

SpeedVideo.com will broadcast live the 21st annual Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic event, November 4-6, 2016 on SpeedVideo.com, also simulcast on Dragzine, Revved Magazine, and other popular Power Automedia magazines.

So make plans now to attend this spectacular event at Maryland International Raceway and experience it first hand! For more event information on WCF, visit www.importvsdomestic.com

SpeedVideo.com & DigNight announce Multi-Year Live Broadcast Partnership, including DigNight @ NRG NFL Stadium June 24-25

DN Speedvideo

Murrieta, Apri 11, 2016DigNight Street Racing events were born from the love of street racing and fast cars, trying to put the most horsepower as possible into a car while still being able to drive it on the street. With an innovative event format, DigNight events have been exploading in fan and racer turnout on the streets of Texas. Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com are proud to announce they have entered into a multi-year partnership with DigNight to live broadcast the DigNight events for 2016 and beyond, including two monster events for this year.

We are starting with a big one. For the first time ever, DigNight decided to the take drag racing to the next level, partnering with NRG NFL Stadium to host the biggest street race in the world. On June 24-25, 2016 the NRG NFL Stadium will host DigNight @ NRG; an event in Houston, Texas you don’t want to miss.

“There will be street racing by some of the fastest cars in the world, like Mike Murillo, Birdman, John Doe, Kye Kelly, and more.” said DigNight’s Jerrod Thompson, “Plus, we’ll have other great entertainment such as live music, mini races between rounds, tons of vendors, covered seating, a beer garden and VIP area. We are taking street racing to a whole new level.”

“If you could build an event that will lead itself to a monster live audience, you start with a drag race at an NFL Stadium, some of the biggest stars in the street racing world, and promotional geniuses like the guys at DigNight,” said SpeedVideo’s James Lawrence. “This is going to be a crazy, it’s going to be wild, and it’s going to be live. It was a no brainer for us.”

That’s not the only event on the schedule for 2016. Later in the year, the DigNight crew will be hosting the Lonestar Resurrection No Prep race with an astounding $100,000 payout in Big Tire, with equally impressive payouts in the other classes. Yes, $100,000. It all goes down Sept 16-17th at Royal Purple Raceway, and SpeedVideo.com cameras will be live and rolling all of the action in full HD for the fans that can’t be in the stands.

“We want to reach the masses with our branded DigNight Street Racing and No Prep events. If you can’t make it to the race, we are going to bring this style of racing to you,” explained DigNight’s Thompson. “Our racing is the future, and it has to be seen to be believed. To be the best, you have to work with the best, which is why we decided to partner with SpeedVideo for these live broadcasts.”

Show up in Houston at DigNight  to experience it all first hand, or watch it online in HD at SpeedVideo.com. For more event information, visit http://www.facebook.com/dignight

SpeedVideo.com to offer FREE HD Live Stream for Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals


Murrieta, CA – March 11, 2016 – SpeedVideo.com’s charter is to become one of the leading online destinations for race fans to watch live and on-demand automotive events. Part of that experience is providing an outstanding viewing experience. High production values often mean multiple cameras, on-air talents, and an HD viewing experience. Those are the hallmarks of a live event broadcast, yet they’ve remained out of reach for most automotive events except for professional series. It’s understandable as the cost of live HD broadcasting with high production values are high.

“We have been trying to solve this problem working with many successful race promoters,” said SpeedVideo’s James Lawrence. “When you talk to the promoters, they want to offer an amazing live streaming video experience for fans at home, but it comes with the risk of high expenses, and potentially affecting spectators that might attend their events. Spectators of course, help support the racers purses and keep the event viable. Well, I think we’ve solved that with what we call a ‘hybrid free/pay per view’ model.”

“We will be bringing HD and better production values to the viewers who want that upgraded viewing experience via a reasonable pay per view, but also at most events will simulcast the live stream in standard definition for free. This makes sense for the promoters that work so hard to promote these events, and also for the fans at home who just want a better video experience.”

How it will work for most events is simple: Standard definition will be broadcast for free, while an HD broadcast will be available for a fair, reasonable pay per view fee, typically from $6.95 to $19.95 for the entire weekend. “We are partners on the broadcasts with the promoters,” explained Lawrence,” with the promoter earning a share of the pay per view that helps support the event, pay race purses and expenses. Some promoters may not choose to broadcast in HD, while others may choose to do Pay Per View only. Ultimately, it’s up to the promoter depending on what makes the most sense for their fan base, event, and racers.”

To kick off the inaugural SpeedVideo live broadcasting event, SpeedVideo will be offering the HD Pay Per View for FREE at the Speed Society Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals March 11-12, 2016; as well as additional select 2016 events. Starting in the Fall of 2016; we expect most events will be available in the hybrid “HD” dual broadcast.

SpeedVideo streaming events can be watched on your favorite devices. Visit www.speedvideo.com to watch and learn more.

SpeedVideo and Radial Fest announce Live Broadcast Partnership including April 29-30, 2016


Radial Fest has become one of the hottest events on the drag radial tour thanks to it’s outstanding track conditions and beautiful weather, both spring and fall. Records have fallen each and every year at Huntsville, including the first three-second run ever by a radial tire, and this year, SpeedVideo.com and Dragzine.com are proud to announce a multi-year partnership with Radial Fest to live stream broadcast it’s events.

“We knew that we needed to live broadcast Radial Fest, because fans all over the world have been asking us to bring the show into their living rooms,” explained Radial Fest’s marketing director Zach Jones. “We feel like Speedvideo was the right partner for us because of their commitment to help us promote the event. Our sponsors want the exposure, and we know they will produce an outstanding broadcast. There are some exciting announcements upcoming that will really change the game.”

“Radial Fest is an event that is extremely popular among the fastest radial racers in the country,” said Dragzine’s Andrew Wolf. “Because this event hasn’t gotten the national exposure via a live broadcast, it will be very exciting to partner with the Radial Fest team and see where this event can go over the next several years.”

“At every Radial Fest event there has been a three-second pass and some sort of world record set, whether it’s in Radial vs The World, X275, or Outlaw 275,” said Jones. “This year, we will continue to build on our past success by working to increase purses and improve the overall experience for both racers and fans.”

Make plans to be in Huntsville to experience it all firsthand, or tune in April 29-30, 2016, when Speedvideo.com will be presenting the live broadcast.


SpeedVideo to Live Broadcast Outlaw Armageddon No Prep Invitational August 19­-20, 2016 at Thunder Valley


SpeedVideo.com, in conjunction with THE Drag Racing Magazine, Dragzine.com, to LIVE BROADCAST the ORIGINAL, and WORLD’s Biggest No­-Prep Race, the highly­anticipated Outlaw Armageddon in Thunder Valley, OK.  “We are extremely excited to be able to partner with SpeedVideo.com to bring our event to the internet,” explained Thunder Valley’s Nick Duty. “Just as Outlaw Armageddon revolutionized No Prep Racing last year, SpeedVideo.com will help us take the event to another level for our fans.”

“The demand to have Outlaw Armageddon available for live broadcast has been overwhelming,” explained SpeedVideo.com’s James Lawrence. “Not only will fans be able to watch round­by­round coverage, but they will also have inside access to the driver’s meeting and instant replay’s of action on the track. This will be the closest you can be to the excitement without sitting in the stands.”


“The inaugural event was amazing, but ‘Outlaw Armageddon – The Second Coming’ promises to be bigger and better,” said Duty. “We have more than doubled the purse to over $80,000 and given every racer in the country the opportunity to be part of one of the largest heads­up races in 2016 by entering one of our four classes. We have opened the competition up to include 200 racers.”

Outlaw Armageddon is a one­ of ­a ­kind experience. Not only are they bringing together the toughest racers in the country, but they’re doing it in the heart of the legendary 405 with a flashlight start. The inaugural event was an overwhelming success, with over 18,000 fans packing into the track from 38 different states. For this year’s event the track and the promoters have vowed to go bigger and better. The race has been expanded to include Big Tire and Small Tire Invitational races, along with the popular “Race Your Way In” class and the Outlaw Street and True Street classes.

In 2016, the fans got to voice their opinion on which drivers should be included in both Invitational classes, and with over one million votes cast, the lineup is even more amazing than last year. Not only have all of the favorites returned to the lists, like Big Chief, Murder Nova, Daddy Dave, Boosted GT, Doc, and Monza, but fans have added such names as Jeff Lutz, Larry Larson, Petey Smallblock, Brian “Chucky” Davis, Mike Murillo and James “Birdman” Finney to the lineup. The tagline for the event is “Often Imitated, but Never Duplicated”, because nothing can compare to being deep in the 405, in the cozy confines of Thunder Valley Raceway, with unprecedented access to the baddest racers in the world.

Show up in Thunder Valley to experience it all first hand, or tune in August 19­20, 2016, when www.Speedvideo.com & www.Dragzine.com will be presenting the live broadcast of Outlaw Armageddon. For more event information, visit www.outlawarmageddon.com