SpeedVideo.com Announces New Automotive Shows Debuting in April: BURNOUT, DRAG RACING FRIENDS, TECH INSPECTION, and REWIND


MURRIETA, CA — Starting next week, SpeedVideo is excited to announce the release of four brand-new automotive shows for drag racing fans all over the world who are missing out on all of the live racing events and tire-burning action. BURNOUT, DRAG RACING FRIENDS, TECH INSPECTION, and REWIND will feature some of the most dynamic personalities from the sport – bringing fresh content to SpeedVideo.com every week.

“Creating original programming was always something we thought would fit in with SpeedVideo. And now was the perfect time to introduce these shows,” stated Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo. “People want to continue talking about and watching the sport they love. These shows will give a platform for those conversations to still take place.”

BURNOUT is the weekly drag racing show – hosted by Drag Illustrated‘s Wes Buck, co-starring veteran drag racing journalist Mike Galimi, and rising star drag racer Alex Taylor. The show features news, highlights, current events, commentary, opinions, recaps, and a look ahead to the next week. BURNOUT will be a can’t-miss part of your drag racing fix

DRAG RACING FRIENDS is a rowdy video talk show that hits on all cylinders in the world of drag racing. Chad Reynolds is the ringleader of this circus joined by his trusty co-host, Street Outlaws star Kayla Morton, and a special guest. You never know what to expect: rivals talking trash, oversize personalities giving no-holds-barred opinions, and general buffoonery. Despite the controversy, a love of racing unites the hosts and their guests.

TECH INSPECTION is a tech-focused show featuring interesting and educational tech content for drag racers and street/strip enthusiasts. Hosted by Brian Petty, the show will discuss tuning, power adders, drivetrain, chassis setup, engine building and more – spanning the range from beginner to top tuning tactics of the world’s best crew chiefs.

REWIND curates weekly, selected and highlighted drag racing clips. With video content curated from SpeedVideo and the web, REWIND brings you highlights from racing events, record-setting runs, crashes, and more. REWIND will feature the winner’s circle’s footage from a recent race, a compilation of records, and major driving saves.

Season 1 will entail 40 episodes between the four shows over the next three months. Full episodes will be live on SpeedVideo.com each week for subscribers, with one episode each month available to all via Speedvideo, Drag Illustrated, Dragzine, Facebook, and YouTube. In addition, for all four shows, show highlights, clips, and cut-downs will be available across social media for free.

Visit Speedvideo.com for more information.



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SpeedVideo and Street Car Takeover Enter Partnership To Broadcast Street Car Takeover Charlotte 2020

Murrieta, CA, March 3, 2020SpeedVideo has entered into a broadcast partnership with the wildly popular automotive event series Street Car Takeover (SCT) to live stream the Street Car Takeover Charlotte 2020 event on June 26-27, 2020!

“Charlotte is our favorite event and really shows what Street Car Takeover is about,” said Chase Lautenbach, co-owner of Street Car Takeover. “This is our largest event of the season with the best event layout we offer. The Twin Peaks car meet that happens Thursday night is only a couple miles from the track and hotels with plenty of things for the family to do in the area.”

Street Car Takeover not only features drag racing, but roll racing as well. In roll racing, drivers line up 1,300 feet behind the burnout box, eclipsing the starting line at 35 to 40 mph, and the winner is determined by speed (miles per hour) not the elapsed time. There are three classes of roll racing at SCT Charlotte 2020: the 140 mph and 150 mph brackets where the speed cannot be exceeded, and the King Of The Bakery which has no trap speed limitation but vehicles must be street legal. Roll racing will be taking place on Friday, June 26th.

“We at SpeedVideo are super excited about adding Street Car Takeover to our SpeedVideo live schedule,” said Tom Bobolts from SpeedVideo. “SCT Charlotte has it all, a huge following and a great energy. We can’t wait to capture all of the action!”

Fans of drag racing won’t be disappointed because Saturday, June 27th is all about the 1320. Classes for Saturday include: Small Tire, Street Racer, Street Outlaw, Monster Clutches Stick Shift, Street Racer Mild, FWD Heads Up, Truck/SUV, Extreme Street, Daily Driver Mild, and Daily Driver Extreme. 

Justin Kieth, co-owner of Street Car Takeover, went over the updates to the event this year, We have The Sticky Mafia coming to prep this event so the track will be better than ever. This will make the event fast with cleanups and cars going down the track. We want the racers to experience the best-prepped surface we can possibly provide. We also added a Heavyweight class that requires the car or truck to be 4,200 pounds (without the driver) to make things even more interesting.”

Full live event coverage of the Street Car Takeover Charlotte 2020 event in live HD will be available on SpeedVideo.com for annual or monthly subscribers. There will be parts of the event that will be broadcast for free as well.

To subscribe to SpeedVideo, go to https://www.speedvideo.com/signup



SpeedVideo is all about killer live automotive video. We shoot it, stream it, and broadcast it LIVE! Our promise to you… superior quality, immersive video, and kick-ass racing, LIVE & On-Demand!


Street Car Takeover series, The premier street car event in the U.S., Coming to a city near you! For more on Street Car Takeover and to buy event tickets visit http://www.streetcar-takeover.com/.




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SpeedVideo and Drag Illustrated Partner to Live Broadcast World Doorslammer Nationals and Main Event



Murrieta, CA, Feb 4, 2020SpeedVideo and Drag Illustrated have announced a multi-year partnership to live broadcast the Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals presented by CTech Manufacturing, and the Drag Illustrated ‘The Main Event’ on the SpeedVideo network.

The Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals is set to take place March 6-8, 2020 at Orlando Speed World Dragway in Florida with insane Pro Stock and Pro Mod Shootouts taking center stage. The winners in both Pro Stock and Pro Mod will take home $50,000, and with this inaugural event taking place at the beginning of the race season there is expected to be a large number of big-name NHRA competitors participating in both classes. 

“With the race taking place a week before the NHRA Gatornationals, the Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals gives the star competitors in Pro Stock and Pro Mod a chance to start their season off right,” explained DI’s Mike Carpenter. “They will have the potential for career-best performances and a shot at a huge payday – plus a massive spotlight on two premier doorslammer classes.” 

“We love the vision that Richard Freeman from Elite Motorsports, Wes Buck, Mike, and the Drag Illustrated team has created here,” explained James Lawrence, SpeedVideo’s CEO. “To bring this Pro Stock and Pro Mod action to SpeedVideo is a dream come true for us, this will be an awesome event and a great opportunity to bring behind-the-scenes action to our SpeedVideo viewers.”

“SpeedVideo is far and away the leader in drag racing live streaming,” said Wes Buck, founder and editorial director of Drag Illustrated.  “I’m looking forward to this new partnership,  so it’s a no-brainer to have them involved in what will soon be the biggest doorslammer drag race in the history of the world. The SpeedVideo guys are trailblazers, which is something both Richard Freeman and Elite Motorsports and myself and Drag Illustrated relate to,” said Buck. “We’re excited to have them producing a world-class live streaming experience for our fans and marketing partners.”

Full live event coverage of the World Doorslammer Nationals in live HD will be available on SpeedVideo.com for annual or monthly subscribers. The World Doorslammer Nationals will have two qualifying sessions on Friday, followed by three more on Saturday, and eliminations will be taking place on Sunday. Free content will include select Thursday interviews, testing, and select qualifying sessions. 

The Drag Illustrated Main Event 2020 will be hosted at Bandimere Speedway on July 31-August 1. More information is coming soon regarding that event.

To subscribe to SpeedVideo, go to https://www.speedvideo.com/signup



SpeedVideo is all about killer live automotive video. We shoot it, stream it, and broadcast it LIVE! Our promise to you… superior quality, immersive video, and kick-ass racing, LIVE & On-Demand!


Through its media properties, social media channels, and ever-growing event offerings, Drag Illustrated is dedicated to growing and building the sport of drag racing around the world. For more on Drag Illustrated visit www.dragillustrated.com.



Power Automedia

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SpeedVideo.com and Virginia Motorsports Park Announce Multi-Year Agreement to Broadcast Shakedown Nationals XVIII


Murrieta, CA, Jan 26, 2020 – Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) hosted the Shakedown Nationals for the first time last year, a world-class track providing a surface for every type of class. Shakedown Nationals features the best of Pro Mod, Radial vs World, Limited Drag Radial, X275, Ultra Street, Outlaw 10.5, and DXP 235. VMP has always been the location for events that are entrenched in the history of drag racing and Shakedown added to that history by bringing several new records with last year’s event.

Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com are proud to announce that they will be broadcasting the Shakedown Nationals XVIII with a multi-year agreement.

“The first year of Shakedown Nationals definitely exceeded my expectations. From the energy of the crowd to the performances on the track, the entire event was something special,” explained Tyler Crossnoe, VMP’s Vice President. In 2020 we expect to see more great fans and racers. Our goal as a racetrack is to provide top-tier entertainment both on and off of the track. With an event like Shakedown, the on-track action is very exciting and the midway not only provides support for the racers but provides the fans with more entertainment.”

SpeedVideo.com will be broadcasting all of the exciting action from the COMP Cams Shakedown Nationals XVIII on September 16-19 so viewers from all over the world can see every second of the breathtaking multi-class racing. The event will be available in its entirety to SpeedVideo subscribers. In addition, there will be free bonus content including Thursday’s test and tune, Round 1 qualifying, and more. A ton of live content will be flowing from Shakedown to satisfy the drag racing masses. 

Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo’s General Manager, said, “Tommy, Tyler, and the entire VMP team know what it takes to put on a great event, and we are thrilled to bring the Shakedown Nationals live to all SpeedVideo viewers. This event has a great mix of Pro Mod and radial racing.”

Experience all of the tire-burning action in person at Virginia Motorsports Park on September 16-19 by signing up to join SpeedVideo at www.speedvideo.com/signup/shakedown to see everything in HD. Make sure to visit www.RaceVMP.com to stay updated on all the Shakedown Nationals information. 

SpeedVideo is Moving to a Subscription Model in 2020

SpeedVideo is Moving to a Subscription Model in 2020 in Partnership with All of Our Event Promoters. Here is Why.

A joint letter written to the drag racing community from SpeedVideo and 14 leading drag racing promoters.

For many years, drag racing has been live streamed on the internet free of charge. The advances of technology and reasonably priced video equipment made this possible. Promoters often paid for the cost of the production, or shared the cost with the live streaming broadcaster. It was a reasonably workable system except for three major flaws:

  1. Live broadcasts were completely reliant on advertisers or the promoter paying for production costs. This limited both the quality of the production as well as how many events could be broadcast. Many broadcasts had huge audiences, but lost money.
  2. Promoters lost potential ticket sales from their events, which often costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce. For every person watching at home, a potential ticket sale was lost.
  3. Most new, smaller, or specialty events aren’t broadcast because there was no way to pay for them.

Watching drag racing for free seems like a win-win, but the free model isn’t that good for drag racing. After a great deal of evaluation of how to grow and improve live drag racing broadcasting, the best path forward was to create a subscription model. Event promoters and SpeedVideo who produce the broadcasts will be free to work together to create amazing broadcasts with higher-quality productions, and to expand and cover more events, with a model where each viewer pays a small amount, rather than trying to rely only on the backs of advertisers only.

The world’s biggest and best drag races will continue to be streamed on SpeedVideo – including Lights Out, No Mercy, Sweet 16, World Cup Finals, Outlaw Armageddon, TX2K, NMRA, NMCA, PDRA, Outlaw Street Car Reunion, UCC, Bounty Hunters, WoooStock, F2LK, Snowbirds, US Street Nationals, select Drag Illustrated events, and more to come. SpeedVideo subscriptions will be available for $24.95 per month, or $199 for the entire year ($149 introductory rate), which will get you access to around 40 of the premier live streamed drag racing events. The contribution each viewer makes will help grow drag racing, increase the quality of the broadcasts, and attract new promoters, events, and racers.

Moving SpeedVideo to subscription will benefit:

  • Promotors – a revenue share will allow them to grow their events, pay purses, and cover expenses.
  • Racers – more healthy events and racing series.
  • Viewers – higher-quality broadcasts and a wider variety of events.

We have all come together in agreement – this is the best path forward for the future of drag racing. This will enable each drag racing fan to get a great, high-quality broadcast but also keep the sport viable. We are hopeful that each drag racing fan will look at this like a step forward for drag racing and how this will contribute to the future growth of the sport. We all love drag racing and many of us do this not just for a living, but as a way of life. We appreciate all of your support.


Respectfully, signed by:

Donald Long, DuckX Productions
Jason Miller, Miller Brothers Productions, World Cup Finals
Wes Buck, Drag Illustrated, Drag Illustrated Events
Tyler Crossnoe, Outlaw Street Car Reunion, Shakedown & PDRA
Tommy Franklin, PDRA
Nick Duty, Outlaw Armageddon
Steve Wolcott & Rollie Miller – NMRA/NMCA
Victor Alvarez, Bradenton Motorsports Park
Peter Blach, TX2K
Matt Plotkin, Bounty Hunters
Keith Berry & Lance Stanford, WoooStock
Chris Searle, Ultimate Callout Challenge
James Lawrence, CEO SpeedVideo
Tom Bobolts, GM SpeedVideo

SpeedVideo to Live Stream Huge $100,000-to-Win World Series of Pro Mod Race for 2019-2020



MURRIETA, CA —  POWER AUTOMEDIA’s SpeedVideo and Wes Buck, founder of the $100,000-to-win World Series of Pro Mod race, have teamed up to broadcast exclusive live stream access of the event as it unfolds.


The World Series of Pro Mod, heralded as the “Biggest, Richest Pro Mod Drag Race in the History of the Known Universe,” began in 2017 and will continue with its third running on August 9-10, 2019. Developed by Drag Illustrated’s Wes Buck, the invite-only event delivers high tension and huge horsepower as 32 contestants battle it out for a winner-takes-all $100,000 prize.


Now, SpeedVideo will be providing a high-quality, professionally produced live stream of the event for the foreseeable future as an exciting, multi-year relationship has been established. For fans unable to attend the race at Bandimere Speedway near Denver, Colorado, SpeedVideo’s commitment to bringing the non-stop action to every corner of the globe via online access is an incredible opportunity to witness history in the making and must not to be missed.


“Since day one, our goal with the World Series of Pro Mod has been to take the sport of drag racing to new levels,” said Buck, founder of the prestigious once-a-year shootout. “We work hard to find innovative ways to promote our drivers and build stars, and this is a massive step in the right direction for our racers, our fans, and our sponsors. I’m very excited for this next chapter for the WSOPM.”


Wes Buck’s unique promotion of his event has quickly catapulted it to the forefront of racing prestige, making the relatively new race one that drivers are desperate to be a part of and enthusiasts can’t stop watching. Both SpeedVideo and the World Series of Pro Mod have been established as leaders in their respective markets, and harnessing the power of the two brands together promises a partnership unlike any ever seen before.


“In just two short years, Wes Buck and the team at Drag Illustrated have taken the World Series of Pro Mod from wild idea to one of the wildest races of the year. It really shows their commitment to Pro Mod racers and fans alike,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo’s General Manager. “Combining big names, big money and lots of drama, this race represents something special. We love what Pro Mods represent, and couldn’t be happier to work alongside Wes, Drag Illustrated, and Bandimere Speedway to create a dream team bringing this event to millions of fans worldwide.”


Taking drag racing and coverage of the sport to the next level, the World Series of Pro Mod and SpeedVideo working together means viewers will have the best seat in the house, no matter where they’re located, for the historic third running of the $100,000-to-win race as well as future iterations of the event. Don’t miss the action on August 9-10, 2019.

SpeedVideo 2019 Live Stream Schedule: The Biggest, Baddest, Most Exciting Racing Season Yet


MURRIETA, CA —  POWER AUTOMEDIA’s SpeedVideo has announced its official schedule for the 2019 drag racing season, and the year promises to be the most exciting one yet. With access to great championship series including PDRA, NMCA, and NMRA as well as standalone-style shootout races such as the World Cup Finals, No Mercy and Lights Out, World Series of Pro Mod, FL2K, and more, SpeedVideo is set to provide killer HD coverage of more than thirty of the most influential drag races of the year.


Renewing its commitment for live coverage of the PDRA, NMCA, and NMRA seasons for 2019, SpeedVideo will be on-site at each race to provide top-quality online access to all the action as it unfolds. Additionally, SpeedVideo will also return to stream live feeds of great events including the World Cup Finals, Snowbird Outlaw Nationals, Outlaw Armageddon, and the US Street Nationals. Coverage of FL2K will be new for 2019, and a multi-year agreement has been put into place for continued live broadcasting of the No Mercy, Lights Out, and World Series of Pro Mod events.


“In 2018, we had our largest broadcasts to date in terms of views and minutes watched. Now, 2019 is all about giving viewers more exciting racing than ever and making this our most watched year yet. We’ve added races never before seen on SpeedVideo to the schedule and continued our partnerships with the most respected series and independent promoters in the country,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo General Manager.


SpeedVideo’s dedication to delivering drag racing direct to fans is only made possible through partnerships with the baddest events on the planet. “No Mercy 9 was our first time working with SpeedVideo, and the crew delivered a professional live stream feed which we hadn’t had before,” shared Donald Long of Duck X Productions. “We’ll be working directly with SpeedVideo to cover all three of our events at South Georgia Motorsports Park for 2019 and beyond – Lights Out X, the Sweet Sixteen 2, and No Mercy X – and we can’t wait to get the party started.”


“It seems only fitting that the ‘Biggest, Richest Pro Mod Drag Race in the History of the Known Universe’ be available to the masses by way of the industry’s leading live streaming service – SpeedVideo,” added Wes Buck, founder of the $100,000-to-win Pro Mod shootout in Colorado.


With a projected reach of more than 14 million plays over the course of the year, and more than 100 million minutes broadcast live to fans all around the world, SpeedVideo remains the number one choice for racers and enthusiasts who want to watch the best drag racing action online as it happens. For those who can’t catch the events as they occur, all live-streamed video is also available on demand any time at SpeedVideo.com.


SpeedVideo and Duck X Productions Announce Multi-Year Live Broadcast Agreement for No Mercy, Lights Out, Sweet 16 Radial Events

SpeedVideo and Duck X Productions announced today a multi-year agreement to live-broadcast three of the most popular drag racing events of the year: No Mercy, Lights Out, and Sweet 16.

Donald Long, promoter extraordinaire and owner of Duck X, has built his reputation by drawing the top radial racers in the world and bringing countless jaw-dropping moments of excitement to famed South Georgia Motorsports Park. Long’s events are known for having new records set and champions being crowned.

“Duck X Productions and myself are really excited about the future of our live feed partnership with SpeedVideo,” said Donald. “I am looking forward to bringing our events to the next level, and bringing our great fans the best quality live feed coverage that is out there. SpeedVideo is more than just a livestream company, they are also a huge marketing partner with tons of racing partners and friends in the drag racing community. We are honored to have them on board, and hopefully help each other to make this sport better than ever.”

In addition to the live HD broadcast on SpeedVideo.com, the high-definition coverage will be broadcast via Facebook Live, YouTube, and Dragzine.com. The official schedule for the new events will be released soon.

“Donald Long’s infamous radial events are nothing short of epic,” said James Lawrence, SpeedVideo CEO. “We are excited to be a part of his team, and to bring the viewers and fans of SpeedVideo the best and most exciting radial racing in the world. Donald is nothing if not controversial, he is an innovative promoter who knows how to put on a show. We are excited to capture that energy and excitement of his events in our broadcasts as we take them to the next level.”


SpeedVideo Audience Numbers Climbing In 2018

Throughout the first half of 2018, the SpeedVideo team traveled across the United States live broadcasting more than 12 different motorsports events. The broadcasts were streamed to SpeedVideo.com, YouTube, Facebook Live, and other social media platforms, reaching racing fans across the planet. The total audience features more than 5.3 million video plays and more than 27 million minutes of broadcast time.

The US Street Nationals in Bradenton, NMCA Events, and TX2K has huge audience growth in 2018 over 2017, year over year – with TX2K featuring almost 1 million videos broadcast.

“The broadcasts we’ve had this year so far have grown, and been nothing short of amazing,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo General Manager. “We’ve certainly seen some exciting racing and it’s only going to get better. Points battles are heating up in the NMRA, PDRA, and NMCA along with events like Outlaw Armageddon and the World Cup: Domestic vs. Import are on the horizon.”

SpeedVideo’s live drag racing broadcasts will continue throughout 2018, covering events from the NMCA, PDRA, NMRA, Outlaw Armageddon, Shakedown at the Summit, Miller Brothers Productions, Redemption, and more. View past and future events in HD at www.speedvideo.com.

January – May 2018 SpeedVideo Event Statistics:

US Street Nationals (January 26-27)*

  • 595,321 total views
  • 3.3M minutes of viewing time

NMRA Spring Break Shootout (March 1-4)

  • 435,702 total views
  • 1.4M minutes of viewing time

NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem (March 10-12)

  • 516,313 total views
  • 2.6M minutes of viewing time

Bounty Hunters No-Prep (March 9-10)

  • 326,019 total views
  • 895K minutes of viewing time

TX2K18 (March 15-18)

  • 950,135 total views
  • 2.6M minutes of viewing time

NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals (April 5-8)

  • 327,014 total views
  • 2M minutes of viewing time

PDRA East Coast Spring Nationals (April 6-8)

  • 446,785 total views
  • 3.5M minutes of viewing time

Wooostock (April 13-14)

  • 261,716 total views
  • 1.7M minutes of viewing time

Outlaw Street Car Reunion (April 18-22)

  • 524,668 total views
  • 3.2M minutes of viewing time

PDRA North-South Shootout (May 3-5)*

  • 294,603 total views
  • 2M minutes of viewing time

NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals (May 3-6)*

  • 524,668 total views
  • 3.2M minutes of viewing time

Ultimate Call Out Challenge (May 4-6)*

  • 178,652 total views
  • 679K minutes of viewing time

NMCA Bluegrass Nationals (May 18-21)

  • 277,350 total views
  • 1.3M minutes of viewing time

PDRA Summer Drags (May 31-June 2)

  • 280,036 total views
  • 2.9M minutes of viewing time

* indicates inclement weather

SpeedVideo Announces Multi-Year Broadcast of WoooStock Radial & No Time Event

SpeedVideo and the team at Carolina N/T Small Tire Racing Production are thrilled to announce a multi-year agreement to broadcast live the WOOSTOCK event at Darlington Dragway starting in 2018.

WOOSTOCK is the brainchild of Carolina N/T Small Tire Racing Production and multi-time radial racing champion Keith Berry. This event brings the best No Time, Grudge, and radial tire racers all to the same event for some killer action.

“WOOSTOCK is extremely excited to have SpeedVideo as our live feed provider,” said WOOSTOCK promoter Keith Berry. “SpeedVideo covers drag racing like no other, and they bring the level of excitement at the track to your cellphone, laptop, or TV. Obviously, we want every fan of WOOSTOCK to be there with us in-person and we realize that’s not possible for some, so we want to share our event with every fan because without them there is no WOOSTOCK!”

“We are very proud to bring this unique event to SpeedVideo,” said Tom Bobolts, GM of SpeedVideo. “Bringing the biggest and best to our viewers is important and there is no question that WoooStock is one of the most fun events out there in the heads up world! We’re excited to work with Keith Berry, the team from Carolina N/T and Darlington!”

In addition to the live broadcasts on SpeedVideo.com, the high-definition coverage will be shared via Facebook Live, YouTube, and Power Automedia’s popular magazine, Dragzine. The official WOOSTOCK/ SpeedVideo schedule will be released in the near future.

Flying A Motorsports Joins SpeedVideo And Dragzine As Official Trailer/Motorcoach

Power Automedia is excited to announce a multi-year agreement with Flying A Motorsports as the official trailer/motorcoach of SpeedVideo and Dragzine.com.

Flying A Motorsports has earned a prestigious name in the motorsports industry, providing high-quality transportation equipment for nearly 30 years– from cargo and stacker trailers to car haulers and racecar trailers. Pairing with SpeedVideo and Dragzine.com, Flying A’s general promotions and some of their showcased equipment will be featured throughout Dragzine’s editorial articles, social media sites, and SpeedVideo live broadcasts.

“We at Flying A Motorsports are really looking forward to working with the folks from SpeedVideo and Dragzine,” said Alan Cape, Owner of Flying A. “They do a great job of covering everything in the drag racing world and will help us get the word out about the motorsports transportation products we offer. At Flying A Motorsports, we’ve been selling motorhomes, toterhomes and trailers since 1988 and every year we try to ramp up our exposure. This will definitely take us to the next level.”

Flying A will be an official sponsor of SpeedVideo, being featured on SpeedVideo broadcasts throughout 2018 and 2019. In addition, Flying A will be a marketing partner of Dragzine, and a “Rig of the Month” will be featured in Dragzine and on Dragzine’s social media.

For more information about Flying A, visit www.flyingamotorsports.com.

SpeedVideo’s Broadcast of World Cup Finals: Import vs Domestic Explodes With More Than 1.6 Million Views

With over 1.6 million views, SpeedVideo’s live broadcast of World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic takes position as one of the company’s largest live streams yet. SpeedVideo Live! is the #1 leader in online drag racing broadcasting and proudly partners with events like the World Cup Finals to bring HD quality live streaming to viewers all over the world.

“The worldwide recognition of this this event was outstanding,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo General Manager. “While the North American audience definitely provided the majority of the views, we had viewers from over 100 different countries focusing their attention on our broadcast, and the Miller Brothers made sure what they saw didn’t disappoint. It was great to bring this unique event to so many people worldwide.”

Drag racing fans from across the world watched the live stream on a plethora of devices. On top of the views racked up on livestream.com, additional views were collected thanks to Facebook Live, with over 47 thousand shares and 1.2 million videos watched on the social platform.

The total audience includes:

  • 6.8 million+ minutes of broadcast time
  • 1.6 million+ video views
  • 82% North American audience

“The 2017 Haltech World Cup Finals proved once again why this event is one of the best races in the world,” said Brian Wagner, Associate Editor of Dragzine.com. “Multiple records were set and then reset during the weekend along with some of the closest racing you’ll ever see at the drag strip. Fans all over the world were able to see all the action live on SpeedVideo. If the World Cup isn’t on your bucket list of races, it should be because there’s nothing else like it on the planet!”

“We are extremely happy to have Speedvideo.com broadcast the Haltech World Cup Finals live each year,” said Jason Miller, Founder of WCF. “Our racers deserve the very best, and we want to give our WCF racers and their sponsors the exposure that no other event can give them. What racer doesn’t get excited about 1 million plus views of their pride and joy? We already have 100+ media companies that cover WCF throughout the week, and SpeedVideo’s live broadcast is just icing on the cake. I’d like to invite everyone that has never attended WCF before to attend the event in person next year at Maryland International Raceway on October 31 – November 4, 2018.”

You can also find out more info at www.importvsdomestic.com.

SpeedVideo’s live drag racing broadcasts will continue throughout 2018, covering events from the NMRA, PDRA, NMCA, Shakedown at the Summit, Ultimate Callout Challenge, and more. View past and future events at www.speedvideo.com.

SpeedVideo Announces 2018 Live Broadcast Event Schedule

SpeedVideo’s live automotive broadcasts have skyrocketed since its launch two years ago and now reach over 300,000 views per event.

For 2018, SpeedVideo has developed a new, bolder logo which reflects its explosive growth. The live, HD broadcasts SpeedVideo brought to drag racing fans all over the world last year will continue, supplemented by other exciting new on-demand content. But the biggest question is, “What events will be on the 2018 SpeedVideo live schedule?”

“We’re excited to release our tentative 2018 SpeedVideo schedule,” said James Lawrence, Power Automedia’s CEO. “With more than 30 action-packed events, we’re proud to bring enthusiasts all over the world some of the most exciting motorsports and automotive programming available.”

In 2018, SpeedVideo Live! will cover some of the largest and most prestigious drag racing events in the country, including those from the NMRA, NMCA, Redemption and PDRA series. A few of the biggest events include:

  • World Cup Finals: Import vs. Domestic – the world’s largest import vs. domestic race.
  • Outlaw Armageddon: the world’s #1 and most prestigious no prep race.
  • NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl – the premier event of the NMRA/NMCA season.
  • U.S. Street Nationals – kick-off event of the 2018 heads-up & radial season.
  • Ultimate Callout Challenge – the world’s largest diesel event.
  • PDRA World Finals – where champions are crowned.
  • TX2K18 – the world’s premier roll race.

“2017 was an amazing year and 2018 is only going to be better for our viewers,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo General Manager. “We couldn’t be more happy to be back covering some of the most exciting automotive events across the country, and for the opportunity to expand our coverage. We can’t wait to bring that formula to more markets, starting with the diesel truck market in 2018.”

SpeedVideo’s final and updated 2018 schedule will available at SpeedVideo.com by January 1, 2018.

SpeedVideo and Ultimate Callout Challenge Announce Multi-Year Live Broadcast Agreement


SpeedVideo and the Ultimate Callout Challenge are excited to announce a multi-year agreement to live-broadcast the company’s popular diesel events, starting in 2018.

The Ultimate Callout Challenge is an event that takes place over the course of three days, in which participants compete in dyno performance, drag racing, and sled pulling activities.

With SpeedVideo, diesel fans all over the world will be able to enjoy the same excitement as those in person in HD with studio-quality audio.

“The Ultimate Callout Challenge and DPI Expo could not be more excited about teaming up with SpeedVideo for the UCC/DPI Expo,” said Chris Searle of Ultimate Callout Challenge. “We know the talented team at SpeedVideo will capture the adrenaline, power, and emotion of the UCC for our fans. Teaming up with SpeedVideo helps us fulfill our promise to our fans to make our events bigger and better each year.”

“SpeedVideo is a perfect partner to help UCC reach the substantial diesel enthusiast audience,” said Eric Huson, Power Automedia Business Development Manager. “We are thrilled to cover and document the high-energy events that the UCC puts on, and help raise awareness of the UCC and the competitors who make it so exciting. This will be a great relationship!”

In addition to the live broadcasts on SpeedVideo.com, the high-definition coverage will be shared via Facebook Live, YouTube, and Power Automedia’s popular magazine, Diesel Army. The official Ultimate Callout Challenge / SpeedVideo schedule will be released in the near future.

Outlaw Armageddon 2017 Broadcast Exceeds 1.7 Million Views on SpeedVideo

With over 1.7 million video views, and over 8.5 million minutes of viewing time, the 2017 broadcast of Outlaw Armageddon was the most watched in SpeedVideo’s history. SpeedVideo Live! is the #1 leader in online drag racing broadcasting, and proudly partners with events like Outlaw Armageddon to bring HD quality live streaming to viewers all over the world.

“This event was huge. Watching the viewers get so excited, the chat room get busy, and all the positive feedback we got on social media is absolutely fuel for our team. It’s what pushes us to do what we love,“ said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo General Manager. “The team at Outlaw Armageddon was amazing, and put on an outstanding event. And of course, we have to provide a hearty thanks to the live feed sponsors including title sponsor Comp Cams for making this possible.”

Racing fans all over the world watched the live stream on almost every platform imaginable– from desktops and smart TVs to tablets and cellphones. Additional views were racked up thanks to Facebook Live, with over 1 million videos watched on the social platform.

The total audience includes:

  • 8.6 million minutes of broadcast time and 1.7 million+ video views
  • 85% North American audience

“Being able to broadcast our race around the world, from a small town in the middle of Oklahoma, is amazing,” said Nick Duty, Outlaw Armageddon event promoter. “Mother Nature sent us some curve balls this year, but the Outlaw Armageddon and SpeedVideo teams worked tirelessly to deliver a top-notch race and an unparalleled live broadcast. The SpeedVideo crew went above and beyond to work with us and truly be a part of the event. We look forward to continuing our partnership with SpeedVideo for Outlaw Armageddon 4 and beyond. Often imitated… never duplicated.”

SpeedVideo’s live drag racing broadcasts will continue throughout 2017, covering events from the NMRA, PDRA, NMCA, Shakedown at the Summit, and more. View past and future events at www.speedvideo.com.

Mobile Live Video Exploding on SpeedVideo With More Than 4.9 Million Mobile Minutes Viewed

LeadArt-SpeedVideo copy

SpeedVideo’s live racing broadcasts have been exploding, not only on thousands of home TVs and desktops, but also on all types of mobile devices.

SpeedVideo’s past 10 events accumulated a total of 3.4 million video views. While simultaneously broadcasting to SpeedVideo’s website, social media platforms captured an even larger audience specifically targeting those on mobile devices.

In total, a whopping 63% of the views were from either a mobile phone or tablet. The past 10 drag racing events racked up almost 5 million minutes of broadcast time.

  • 767k mobile viewers
  • 4.9M minutes of mobile viewing time

“The velocity at which SpeedVideo has grown has been tremendous,” said Aaron Hahn from SpeedVideo. “We’re extremely grateful for the support of our viewers, our partnering promoters, as well as our sponsors that are making all of this possible. Whether watching live or on-demand, our mission is to provide the best experience for race fans worldwide.”

SpeedVideo will be live broadcasting 36 events in 2017 with a projected audience of over 6 million performance enthusiasts between live broadcasts and social media.

SpeedVideo’s Live Broadcasts Explode In March 2017 With Over 16 Million Minutes Of Viewing Time

Throughout the month of March, the SpeedVideo team traveled across the United States live broadcasting eight different drag racing events. The broadcasts were streamed to SpeedVideo.com and leading social media platforms, reaching racing fans all over the world. The month was proven successful – with the events racking up over 2.7 million views and 16.2 million minutes of viewing time.

The total audience for the month of March 2017 includes:

  • 2.7 million video streams
  • 87% North American audience
  • 16.2 million minutes of broadcast time
  • 586,000 unique viewers

Outlaw Street Car Reunion at Memphis International Raceway is one of the most highly anticipated small tire events in the country. “SpeedVideo put our event in front of thousands of people that could not make it in person– whether it be because of travel logistics, work, or even those in different countries that love our sport of drag racing,” said Tyler Crossnoe, Outlaw Street Car Reunion Promoter. The Outlaw Street Car Reunion’s broadcast alone drew in roughly 600,000 total views.

SpeedVideo’s March 2017 Events:


SpeedVideo’s live drag racing broadcasts will continue throughout 2017, covering events from the NMRA, NMCA, Dirty South, PDRA, Redemption, Outlaw Armageddon, Shakedown at the Summit, Miller Brothers Productions, and more. View the events in HD at www.speedvideo.com.

SpeedVideo Signs Multi-Year Agreement to Live Broadcast Redemption “No Prep” Drag Racing


SpeedVideo has signed a multi-year broadcast agreement with the Redemption “No Prep” Drag Racing Series to live broadcast all four Redemption events. Redemption is one of the most prestigious no-prep racing series in history, run by one of the most respected promoters, Shannon Morgan.

The Redemption series, which is sponsored by Scoggin-Dickey and Chevrolet Performance, draws some of the biggest stars in No-Prep racing– from Big Tire, Small Tire, Outlaw Street, True Street and more.

“I’m looking forward to showing our stuff to a million more people and allowing the fans who can’t make it to still get to see their favorite racers,” explained Morgan. “The live broadcast really does open up a whole other world of people for our racers. It will help us send our sponsor’s’ message to many more possible eyeballs and help our racers get even more coverage to grow their programs. We are family, that is what sets apart from the rest. Fans, racers, media, sponsors– we all make this what it is.”

SpeedVideo will live broadcast the following Redemption events:
• Redemption 7.0 – Texas Motorplex, TX. May 26-27, 2017
• Redemption 8.0 – Tulsa Raceway Park, TX. June 30-July 1, 2017
• Redemption 9.0 – San Antonio Raceway, TX. September 1-2, 2017
• Redemption 10.0 – Texas Motorplex, TX. October 27-28, 2017

“Redemption brings impressive no-prep street racing to the drag strip, making for an exciting event every single time,” said Steve Grein, SpeedVideo’s General Manager. “We take pride in being their live broadcast partner and being able to bring this excitement to fans across the world to see in high definition.”



SpeedVideo Debut Season Reaches Over 2 Million Automotive Enthusiasts In 2016; Over 5 Million Projected For 2017


With over 5 million video views and over 20 million minutes of viewing time, SpeedVideo’s live automotive broadcasts have exploded across the internet and leading social media platforms. In total, SpeedVideo reached over 2 million fans throughout the course of their debut season in 2016.

“This season was bigger and bolder than we ever expected,” said SpeedVideo CEO James Lawrence. “To reach over two million enthusiasts with only eight national events really just showed how explosive the growth on live broadcasts is. In 2017, we’re going to be live with over 35 of the best events, straight to the viewers computers, phones, and tablets. We are projected to reach over 5 million viewers in 2017.”

Racing fans watched from every device all around the world — from SpeedVideo.com to their mobile device, tablet or even on Facebook Live. While simultaneously broadcasting to SpeedVideo’s website, Facebook Live captured an even larger audience, with a whopping 28 percent of views coming from this social media platform.

  • The total audience in 2016 includes:
    • 2.1 million viewers
    • 5.3 million video streams
    • 90% North American Audience
    • 20.7 million minutes of broadcast time

Outlaw Armageddon draws thousands of spectators as well as the most notorious names in the industry to its home at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, Oklahoma. With the live stream in 2016, for the first time, Outlaw Armageddon’s event was available to anyone in the world. The broadcast was extremely successful and brought in a whopping 1.5 million views and over 400,000 online viewers.

SpeedVideo’s live broadcast of the 2016 World Cup Finals accumulated over 1.2 million views and racked up over 285,000 unique viewers. “I believe we are going to see an even larger increase in event attendance in 2017 because we have piqued the interest from so many more people now,” said World Cup owner Jason Miller. “We saw an energy and buzz online for the WCF that weekend that we had never seen before. I had racers that told me they were receiving texts from friends and family back home congratulating them on their pass before they even got back to the pit area.”

SpeedVideo’s live drag racing broadcasts will continue throughout 2017, covering events from the NMRA, PDRA, NMCA, TX2K, Dirty South, Radial Fest, Outlaw Armageddon, Shakedown at the Summit, MIR, and more. View past and future events at www.speedvideo.com.

SpeedVideo to Live Broadcast Season Two Of Dirty South No-Prep Drag Racing Events


SpeedVideo has further expanded its 2017 event schedule, signing an agreement to live broadcast drag racing events from the popular Dirty South No-Prep Drag Racing Series throughout 2017.

Owned by drag racing legend Mike Murillo and TV personality Scott Taylor, the Dirty South No Prep Series is the first racing series that was specifically dedicated to No-Prep style racing. Exploding in popularity since its inception, Dirty South now provides some of the best No-Prep street-racing style drag racing in the game, featuring some of the fastest cars in the nation and the largest names in the industry.

SpeedVideo will live broadcast the following events in the Dirty South Racing Series:

  • Dirty South: Season Opener Weekend – Hub City Dragway, MS. March 31-April 2, 2017
  • Dirty South: Bluegrass Weekend – Mountain Park Dragway, KY. April 20-21, 2017
  • Dirty South: Alamo City Weekend – San Antonio Raceway, TX. May 12-13, 2017
  • Dirty South: Black Gold Weekend – Penwell/Caprock Raceway, TX. June 16-17, 2017
  • Dirty South: World Finals Weekend – Hub City Dragway, MS. November 10-11, 2017

“We are excited to get the Dirty South events out there in front of more people,” said Mike Murillo, Dirty South founder. “The hype from the live broadcasts will bring more awareness and aid the continuous growth of our events. The quality of the SpeedVideo broadcasts, and the production values, are outstanding.”

“No Prep Racing is very exciting, but not everyone can witness these great events live. For those who can’t attend in-person, we are proud to offer live coverage all weekend long, in HD, to everyone that has a computer, TV, or mobile device,” said Steve Grein, SpeedVideo’s General Manager. “We take pride in bringing the best drag racing in the world for everyone to watch, and partnering with Mike, Scott, and the entire Dirty South gang, proves that.”

Get a full schedule of events in 2017 and watch them live at www.speedvideo.com.

SpeedVideo Enters Multi-Year Broadcast Agreement to Live Broadcast “Shakedown At The Summit” at Norwalk


Power Automedia is excited to announce a multi-year broadcast partnership with Bill Bader’s famous Summit Motorsports Park to live stream the “Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown at the Summit presented by Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels.” Held September 14-17, 2017 in Norwalk, Ohio, the “Shakedown” is a legendary door car and radial event that is entering it’s 15th year.

“Shakedown at the Summit” is one of the largest drag racing events of the year with some of the fastest door cars in the world. The colossal $150,000+ combined purse includes the $66,600 earmarked for the event’s quickest and fastest category, Pro Mod, with $40,000 of that awarded to the winner, which, in 2016 was Flash Fiscus, who motored his turbocharged Mustang to a 5.97. Other categories contested include Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Limited Street, Top Sportsman, X275, Pro Street, Ultra Street and Open Comp. It all takes place at Summit Motorsports Park, which has been named “Track of the Year” 16 times by the NHRA, NMCA, and IHRA, and draws over 500,000 attendees annually.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with SpeedVideo for the Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown at the Summit presented by Mickey Thompson, and we’re confident it will be beneficial to our beloved event. We are extremely proud of this event and the caliber of drivers and cars that it offers, and having a livestream allows us to share them with even more people,” said Mary Lendzion of Summit Motorsports Park. “While we would always rather have racers and race fans at our track, having a live HD broadcast will ensure that those who aren’t able to be there will still be able to take in all of the action as though they were, and hopefully make plans to join us for next year’s event.”

“We are very excited to add an event like this to our already impressive 2017 line-up. Having such an awesome event at such a prestigious track is always a formula for success,” said Steve Grein, SpeedVideo’s General Manager.

“Norwalk will, no doubt, fill the stands and SpeedVideo will make it available live to everyone in the world not lucky enough to see it in person.”

PDRA & SpeedVideo Team Up for Multi-Year Live Stream Broadcast Partnership for PDRA Drag Racing Series


SpeedVideo and the PDRA are excited to announce a multi-year agreement to live broadcast PDRA drag racing events, starting with the 2017 season.

The PDRA (Professional Drag Racers Association) is a premier professional eighth-mile organization, home to the world’s fastest eighth-mile doorslammers. The growing series features five professional categories, some of which top 230 miles per hour in just 660 feet. With SpeedVideo, drag racing fans all over the world will be able to enjoy the excitement and experience of PDRA’s biggest stars in HD with studio-quality audio.

“Live broadcasts have been a major part of our program since its inception,” said Bob Harris, PDRA Race Director. “People tune in from all over the world to watch the events. We are excited about our partnership with SpeedVideo in 2017 and beyond. The distribution opportunities available through their HD broadcasts will give our fans all the event live streaming they love, plus more exclusive coverage.”

“PDRA is a pinnacle of Pro Mod racing, and our viewers love this type of racing,” said Steve Grein, SpeedVideo General Manager. “It’s a natural fit for both of us and bringing their exciting flavor of Pro Mod in HD to everyone and anyone with an internet connection, in HD quality, is something we are very passionate about.”

James Lawrence, SpeedVideo’s CEO, worked hand in PAM-News-Thumbnailsvhand with PDRA to put this program together. “We are extremely excited to expand our coverage to include PDRA events. The team at PDRA, Tommy Franklin, Jason Scruggs, and Bob Harris, are working hard to take their series to the next level. The PDRA has an innovative format, passionate racers, and an expanding fan base.”

In addition to live HD broadcasts on SpeedVideo.com and Facebook Live, SpeedVideo will often be sharing the same high-definition live race coverage to Dragzine.com and other popular Power Automedia magazines. The official PDRA SpeedVideo broadcast schedule will be released in the near future.

SpeedVideo & ProMedia Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Live Broadcast NMRA and NMCA Racing Series



SpeedVideo and ProMedia Events are proud to jointly announce a multi-year agreement to live broadcast the NMRA and NMCA Racing Series through 2018.

The NMCA is home to some of the fastest heads-up race cars in the world, including some of the most dynamic small-tire and radial racing you will find. Like the NMCA, the NMRA boasts just as much variety in classes, but has a specific focus on Ford-bodied and Ford-powered platforms and is the largest all-Ford motorsports show in the United States.

“SpeedVideo is a huge marketing opportunity for us,” said Rollie Miller, NMRA and NMCA General Manager. “Not only will the live broadcasts help promote and market our events and tracks, they will provide tons of high-quality video coverage during and after each event. We are looking forward to building a worldwide audience for our NMRA and NMCA events.”

The NMRA has been the gold standard of Ford drag racing for years.

“NMRA and NMCA is the real deal, with a history that goes back two decades,” said James Lawrence, Power Automedia CEO. “You aren’t going to find more exciting and competitive race action than you’ll see in these two series, and being able to see it live is going to create a lot of new fans for the NMRA and NMCA. With events like the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl at Route 66, or the NMRA and NMCA World Finals, we couldn’t be more excited.”

The NMRA has been the gold standard of Ford drag racing for years,” said Steve Turner, Executive Editor of Power Automedia’s Ford Group. “Bringing SpeedVideo’s live coverage of these exciting Ford events to those who can’t make it to the track is a giant leap forward for fans, racers, and the series.”

SpeedVideo will be releasing the official NMRA and NMCA broadcast schedules later this year.


SpeedVideo Announces Multi-Year Broadcast Agreement to Live Stream TX2K “2K” Race


SpeedVideo is excited to announce they have entered a multi-year broadcast partnership with the popular automotive event “TX2K” to live stream TX2K in 2017 and beyond. SpeedVideo’s series of HD livestreams for TX2K will kick off March 16 through 19 with coverage of TX2K17 at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, Texas.

TX2K is the original “2K” event in the United States, and one of the largest racing events in the entire country, drawing over 20,000 fans each year. TX2K grew from a Toyota Supra-specific meet; and now, other than hundreds of Supras, you can spot anything from supercars to turbocharged daily drivers. What makes TX2K unique is the event has many dimensions – roll racing, drag racing, dyno runs, and the “after dark” car meet full of bikinis, burnouts, and beer.

“TX2K was created 18 years ago with the sole purpose of having an event strictly focused on fast street cars,” said Peter Blach, founder of TX2K. “It started as a Supra-only event and has grown to feature Lamborghinis, GTRs, Supras, Vipers, ‘Vettes, Porsches, and more. Our goal is to grow the event into the largest single gathering of fast street cars in the world. SpeedVideo’s live broadcast will bring TX2K to those who can’t attend in-person and will add to our fan base even more.”

“TX2K is an absolut860043_610470715634856_1469222782_oely enormous event – probably the largest supercar and fastest street car race in the world,” said Aaron Hahn from SpeedVideo. “To broadcast this to the world is a unique opportunity that we are incredibly excited about.”

So far, the racer list for TX2K17 consists of many 1,500+ horsepower cars, including multiple noteworthy platforms such as the almighty Nissan GTR, twin turbo Lamborghini, Toyota Supra, twin turbo Viper, and multiple 1000+ horsepower street cars – this is just a glimpse of what TX2K is all about.

“We are very proud to bring this unique event into every home, computer, tablet and phone with an internet connection,” said Steve Grein, General Manager of SpeedVideo. “Thanks to cutting edge technology, we plan on showing every round of racing combined with feature stories for the viewing audience to feel the live experience in high definition. Bringing the biggest and best to our viewers is important and there is no question that TX2K is one of the best events out there!”

SpeedVideo’s Live Broadcast of NMRA World Finals is the Largest Live Stream Video in NMRA History


With over a quarter million views to date, SpeedVideo’s live broadcast of the NMRA Drag Racing World Finals delivered on its promise as the largest live stream video in NMRA history.

This event took place at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is the most popular all-Ford drag race and car show of the year, where you can spot everything from 3,000+ horsepower turbocharged beasts to street legal racecars. Spectators enjoyed all-day entertainment thanks to the races, burnout contest, car show, swap meet, vendor booths, and even special appearances from TV star BoostedGT and 14-time drag racing champion Mike Murillo.

screen_shot_2016-10-13_at_2.09.56_pm_720 copy
This year, four records were broken at the World Finals and it drew over 450 racecars and 490 show cars, resulting in the largest NMRA event in over 18 years- and it needed a video crew of equal capabilities to stream it to multiple media outlets.

“We were delighted to get the opportunity to work with the NMRA…it’s a first-class organization,” said Steve Grein, General Manager, SpeedVideo. “With the support of ProCharger, we did the live broadcast with a five-camera shoot, including dual wireless starting line cameras, and the broadcast went off without a hitch. Not only did we broadcast it live to SpeedVideo.com and StangTV.com, but also simultaneously on Facebook. It’s great to see hundreds of thousands of Ford fans all over the world that enjoyed watching the event.”

“SpeedVideo’s live broadcast was a huge promotional tool for the event. They provided great coverage of the event the entire time, and great follow up videos afterward,” said Rollie Miller, NMRA General Manager. “It really helped build the NMRA brand and spread awareness to the public of the NMRA.”

Up next for SpeedVideo is the of the 21st Annual World Cup Finals: Import vs. Domestic which will be streaming live November 4th through the 6th on speedvideo.com.

Power Automedia Leverages Facebook Live To Explode Online Audience for SpeedVideo & Publications

FacebookViews 2

Power Automedia has recently been using Facebook’s new live stream video feature, Facebook Live, to explode the audiences of SpeedVideo and it’s twelve online magazines.

There has been a 616 percent growth in mobile video consumption since 2012 and, studies show, people watch videos three times longer when they are being recorded live. There’s no denying this media trend will only increase in popularity from this point.

SpeedVideo.com – Power Automedia’s live broadcast division – has utilized Facebook live to “stream” automotive events to success – reaching over 200,000 viewers on Facebook alone with the 2016 Outlaw Armageddon No-Prep Drag Race at Thunder Valley Raceway Park. In addition, they received over 15,000 shares just on Facebook alone within a week of the event.

Power Automedia employee Dave Cruikshank, Editor of Corvette Online, has leveraged Facebook Live with recent show coverage, some reaching over 4,000 viewers at a time.

“I utilized Facebook Live at two of the biggest Corvette shows in the world and had fantastic results,” Cruikshank said. “The best part about Facebook Live is that it really engages the audience and lets them interact with what they’re experiencing. The comments section literally comes alive with feedback and emoticons. It was great to be able to tailor my shoot to what people wanted. Traffic to CorvetteOnline.com and Facebook boomed as a result.”

Just recently, the editors of Turnology, EngineLabs and LSX Magazine have seen the impact. Trevor Anderson of Turnology gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Bruce Meyer’s private car collection in Los Angeles. “I have a goal of using Facebook Live to establish relationships with my readers and to provide a face to associate with my magazine,” Anderson said. This gives great opportunity to businesses like Power Automedia to connect with their fans, have engaging conversations, and get to know their audience on a personal level– all while reaching new audiences as well. Plus, we get a lot of referral traffic to our magazines as a result of the live experience.”

One thing is clear – the use of Facebook live has been a hit for Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.

Power Automedia Appoints Steve Grein as General Manager of Power Studios


Power Automedia is excited to announce and welcome Steve Grein as Power Studio’s general manager. Grein will oversee Power Automedia’s video production team and the live broadcast division, SpeedVideo, as well as have a leading role in business development and client relationships.

Grein has over 22 years of experience in the automotive videography industry, having founded and owned NeWave Productions – a leading production studio in Chicago, Illinois. NeWave produced thousands of hours of motorsport content, television shows and corporate videos annually, in addition to producing live shows for the American Drag Racing League (ADRL), POWRi Midgets, Lucas Oil On The Edge, and others.
Grein most recently was Executive Producer of MAVTV– an all-motorsports television network that covers racing events all over the globe.

“Adding a person of Steve’s caliber to the SpeedVideo and Power Automedia video production team is a big deal,” said Power Automedia CEO James Lawrence. “Steve has extensive automotive video production experience, having produced videos on the largest stages, both live and on-demand.”

“I am looking forward to building off of what has already been started at Power Automedia,” said Grein. “I have been a part of motorsports video and TV production since 1994. The opportunity to work in the automotive world in conjunction with video production was my best case scenario and I couldn’t be happier. The dynamic of the team at Power Automedia is very unique and I am very happy to be a part of it.”

SpeedVideo is Hiring – Event Videographer & Driver

SpeedVideo-HiringDo you love the smell of burnt rubber in the morning? Perhaps you’re the type of person who enjoys the scent of high-octane fuel? There is an amazing opportunity available that will give you the chance to fully embrace these wonderful components found at the track. SpeedVideo.com is hiring a Live Event Videographer to film the action trackside at some of the biggest drag races in the country.

SpeedVideo is all about killer live automotive video. We shoot it, stream it, and broadcast it to your device of choice so you can watch what you want, when you want it, and how you want it. We’re all about racing. We live and breath all kinds of motorsports. We are committed to providing superior quality, immersive video, and kick-ass racing.


In addition to working the camera, SpeedVideo is looking for someone that is capable and responsible enough to drive the SpeedVideo Mobile Headquarters, often cross country, to each SpeedVideo LIVE Broadcast event. The SpeedVideo Mobile HQ is a 42 foot toy-hauler 5th wheel trailer that has been heavily modified to accommodate a state of the art SpeedVideo Command Center and sleeping quarters for the crew, which you could be a part of!

Essential (Must Have):

  • High level of interest/passion/experience for drag racing and motorsports.
  • Drag racing videography or photography experience.
  • Willingness to drive to the events and travel to 20-25 weekends a year.
  • Ability and comfort in driving a Ford F-350 Dually & 42’ toy-hauler 5th Wheel Trailer, and obtaining an appropriate class A license.


  • High attention to detail for maintaining equipment and vehicles/trailer.
  • Some level of video editing capability or experience (we can train).
  • Tech savvy. Capable of troubleshooting and resolving computer issues.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is passionate about racing and loves to be knee deep in the action! For more information and to apply, please visit the careers page here.

No Prep Stars Mike Murillo and Scott Taylor Partner with SpeedVideo.com to Live Broadcast the Dirty South No-Prep Series World Finals at Hub City Dragway


The No-Prep racing scene has seen a massive surge in popularity recently with its exciting style of racing, but that surge is about to grow even more. Heads-up racing legend Mike Murillo and grudge racing superstar Scott “John Doe” Taylor have teamed up to start the first true No Prep racing series: The Dirty South No-Prep Series.

Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com are proud to annouce they have reached an agreement with Murillo and Taylor to broadcast the Dirty South No-Prep Series finals in “HD” with amazing studio-quality audio live from Hub City Dragway this November 11-12.

“The Dirty South finals should be off the chain,” said an excited Mike Murillo. “We’re trying to take No-Prep racing to the next level, and Dirty South is the first true No-Prep series out there with multiple events. We’re working on making this a bigger multi-race series for 2017, so it will only grow in the future. Seeing the quality of the broadcast SpeedVideo puts out made it a no-brainer for us to partner with them. We want to broadcast all the killer No Prep action that’ll be going down at Hub City to the fans who can’t make it to the event, and give our sponsors the quality exposure they deserve. With the finals being a double points event, who knows what will happen!”


“Scott Taylor and Mike Murillo are not only stars, they are veterans of the No-Prep game,” said Brian Wagner, SpeedVideo. “Coming off the success of Outlaw Amageddon, SpeedVideo is seeking the best promoters to work with in both Grudge, No-Prep, and Radial-style racing, and Dirty South is a great fit for our broadcast model.”

“The Dirty South No Prep Series is something that has been put together by racers for racers,” explained Murillo. “The current revival of drag racing to the masses is because of this style of heads up, street attitude, risking-it-all style of racing. We as racers and promoters want to keep this deep-rooted movement going, and take steps to preserve its integrity and time-honored tradition with the Dirty South No Prep Series.”

Fans can experience the electric atmosphere of the No-Prep world in person on November 11-12 at Hub City Dragway, or watch it online in crystal clear HD at www.speedvideo.com. You can check out http://www.dirtysouthracing.net/ for all the breaking Dirty South No-Prep Series information and standings.

SpeedVideo & NMRA Partner for Live HD Broadcast of NMRA World Finals Sept. 30-Oct. 2


SpeedVideo.com and the National Mustang Racers Association (NMRA) are proud to announce a new partnership for the upcoming 18th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY. Starting with test and tune on Friday, Sept. 30 and concluding on Oct. 2 at the end of final eliminations, SpeedVideo.com will bring high-definition live video onto the televisions, smartphones, tablets and computers of Ford drag racing fans across the globe.

“Our fans have been asking for a live video feed from Beech Bend Raceway for many years,” said Rollie Miller, NMRA General Manager. “Partnering with SpeedVideo.com for this event will allow us to make it happen. The NMRA World Finals will be broadcast to all of our fans.”

The 18th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals is the biggest and most exciting Ford motorsport event in the country. The event and it’s fans, racers and crew take over Bowling Green, KY from September 29 to October 2. This event determines 2016 NMRA National Champions while bringing out the best-of-the-best in all-Ford grassroots drag racing with special events like Outlaw True Street, Terminator/GT500, Turbo Coyote and EcoBoost Shootouts. Over the weekend, the on-track thrills are matched with Street Outlaws’ TV stars, a giant vendor midway, all-Ford car shows, swap meet and more.

“The NMRA World Finals is the biggest Ford event of the year,” said James Lawrence, SpeedVideo CEO. “We are honored to be producing the live HD broadcast for Ford performance enthusiasts and NMRA fans all over the world. The thing I’m most thrilled about is broadcasting the excitement of the prestigious NMRA championship battles. This is the 18th year for the NMRA World Finals, and it’s stacking up to be the biggest yet!”

For more information about the 18th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals, please go to www.NMRAdigital.com/KY or call 866.694.3475. If you can’t make it to Beech Bend Raceway Park on Sept. 30-Oct. 2 for the Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals, go to www.speedvideo.com to watch all of the wild, wheels up action in brilliant high-definition.

Southern Speed Promotions and SpeedVideo.com enter Partnership to Live Broadcast the Outlaw Street Car Reunion for 2017 and Beyond in HD

OSCR-SVMemphis International Raceway has been the location for many legendary events that are entrenched deep in the lore of street car drag racing. The infamous Outlaw Street Car Reunion – referred to affectionately as ‘OSCR’ – adds to that history. Southern Speed Promotions has worked hard to grow the OSCR into a premiere small tire racing event that brings out the best racers in the world each spring. Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com are proud to announce that they have reached a multi-year agreement with Southern Speed Promotions to broadcast one of the most exciting events in drag racing, the Outlaw Street Car Reunion for 2017 and beyond in “HD” with studio-quality audio.

“Our event has grown immensely in the past three years, and 2017 looks as if it could be one of the largest car counts to date,” explained Tyler Crossnoe, co-owner of Southern Speed Promotions. “Drag racing is a global sport that has millions of fans around the world and let’s face it — fans cannot attend every race that they want and still keep a job and family. This is where the live broadcast comes into play. We decided to work together with Power Automedia and SpeedVideo because their top quality HD broadcast and production value, studio-quality audio, and wireless cameras on the starting line will help us take this event to the next level.”

“Tyler and his team are one of the hardest working in drag racing,” said SpeedVideo’s James Lawrence. “I know first-hand because I raced at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion with our drag radial Camaro earlier this year. This event is a special one, that is quickly growing to rival the top events in drag radial and street car racing despite it’s relatively short history. We are proud to be partners with Southern Speed Promotions on a multi-year plan and we’re planning on helping them hand-in-hand to grow this event every year.”

SpeedVideo.com will be broadcasting all of the exciting action from the Outlaw Street Car Reunion IV on March 22-26, 2017… so fans from all over the world can see every second of the breathtaking radial tire racing.

Mark Samples, Crossnoe’s partner, is excited about the opportunity to grow the event with SpeedVideo’s support, “We are excited to partner with SpeedVideo to bring forth the most modernized live broadcast for 2017.  SpeedVideo’s newest wireless cameras will bring an exciting effect to the event with our two exciting announcers, Al Tucci and Brian Lohnes. Can you imagine strapping into your 4,000 horsepower monster in Radial vs. The World with a microphone in your face and Al Tucci getting you hyped up for the finals and $15,000 on the table?! It will happen in 2017!”

You can experience all of the wheel standing action in person at Memphis International Raceway on March 22-26, or watch it online at www.speedvideo.com to see everything in stunning HD. Make sure to visit http://www.oscr.us to stay updated on all the Outlaw Street Car Reunion information.

SpeedVideo Launches Upgraded Website & Platform

speedvideo-releaseWhen SpeedVideo.com launched earlier this year, the goal was to revolutionize the way racing was broadcast to fans around the world. The programming team at SpeedVideo is constantly working on ways to improve the user experience based on what the consumer really wants. After hearing from the fans, SpeedVideo has launched a new version this week that’s overflowing with cutting edge features, and will provide drag racing fans with a truly unique viewing experience.

The goal of the new SpeedVideo website is to create an environment that users can enjoy on multiple devices and platforms in the new digital age.

“We wanted a new live streaming experience that works seamlessly for mobile, tablet, computers and even living room television sets for anybody who views a SpeedVideo event,” Rolando Garcia, Senior Director of Technology and Platform explains.

To help build a deep user experience, the SpeedVideo development team looked for ways to provide viewers ways to see more than just the live event. “A section for news about our partnerships with event organizers for future events has been added to the site, so fans can see what’s on the horizon at SpeedVideo. An easy to navigate on-demand section of all past events has also been added, so users can watch hours and hours of action, or just event highlights if they prefer,” Garcia says.

If that wasn’t enough, the latest version of SpeedVideo received these incredible features:

The home page has been revised for easy navigation.
A fresh event page with new LiveStream embedded player for all SpeedVideo broadcasts.
A fresh event page with new LiveStream embedded player for all SpeedVideo broadcasts.
Upcoming and past event pages that include search functions.
Upcoming and past event pages that include search functions.
Added functionality and instructions on the help page for users.
Added functionality and instructions on the help page for users.
A brand new about page with an integrated contact form and SpeedVideo team bios.
A brand new about page with an integrated contact form and SpeedVideo team bios.

“We are pleased to offer fans the ability to see great events happening at racing events all over the country. The ability to give our fans options to watch on any device they prefer, from any location, so they never have to miss any of the action is something we really worked hard on for this release,” Garcia explains.

Make sure to check out the new Speedvideo.com to see all the new features, and watch the first broadcast on the new platform August 19-20th when all the action at Outlaw Armageddon – The Second Coming goes live!

SpeedVideo.com & Bradenton Motorsports Park announce Multi-Year Live Broadcast Partnership, including U.S. Street Nationals & Snowbird Outlaw Nationals


Murrieta, CA, July 11, 2016Bradenton Motorsports Park is equally well known for its sunny year-round location near Tampa, Florida, popular drag racing events, and stellar track surface. Two of the most popular events at “BMP” are the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals and the U.S. Street Nationals, held annually in December and January of each year. Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com are proud to announce that they have entered into a multi-year partnership with Bradenton Motorsports Park to live broadcast these events for 2016 and beyond in “HD” with studio-quality audio.

“The Snowbird Outlaw Nationals with its over 30 year tradition, and the U.S. Street Nationals with its’ over 10 year tradition of kicking off the year for outlaw drag racing in the United States, are perfect fits for the premier quality of Speedvideo.com,” said Bradenton Motorsports Park’s Alan Chervitz. “Both events are known for monster fields in Pro Mod and small-tire radial classes,”

SpeedVideo’s James Lawrence knew this track was high on the priority list from day one. “When we first launched SpeedVideo.com, I circled Bradenton Motorsports Park on our schedule, because I knew that there are few track operators as good as Alan and his team. Not just good promoters, but good people. And these two events, the US Street Nationals and Snowbirds, they are really events that have exploded on the national and worldwide scenes.”

SpeedVideo.com will broadcast the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals, December 2-4, 2016; and the US Street Nationals in late January 2017, both in high definition HD for the thousands of viewers at home that can’t travel to Florida for the event.

“We’ve experienced success with live broadcasting our events already, and we feel that this relationship with SpeedVideo.com will help take our events promotion and picture quality to the next level,” explained Chervitz. “We can’t wait to see the fans reactions all over the world when they are able to watch this event in HD in their living rooms and see everything the US Street Nationals and Snowbirds have to offer.”

Show up in Bradenton to experience it all first hand, or watch it online in HD at SpeedVideo.com. For more event information, visit www.bradentonmotorsports.com.

Miller Brothers Productions & SpeedVideo.com announce Multi-Year Live Broadcast Partnership for the Haltech World Cup Finals


Murrieta, CA, May 26, 2016 – There are few events on the drag racing calendar that boast a bigger worldwide following than the legendary Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic. Due to Jason Miller’s legendary track prep, unparalleled cool and dry atmospheric conditions, year round guerrilla marketing, and its growth over the past 20+ years, this epic event attracts the best racers from all over the world to obliterate records and make their mark in history. Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com  are proud to announce that they have entered into a multi-year partnership with Miller Brothers Productions (MBP) to live stream the 21st annual Haltech World Cup Finals, held at Maryland International Raceway, over November 4-6, 2016.

“Fans from all over the world – for the first time in history, are going to be able to experience the Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic, in HD via live stream. SpeedVideo will have multiple cameras filming the action on the track plus driver interviews. All of our WCF racers will now gain an extraordinary amount of additional exposure from the live stream, plus this will be a huge value added for our WCF sponsors.” explained Jason Miller, co-owner of the WCF event. “My brother, Chris Miller, and I are very excited to partner with SpeedVideo for the live stream, it’s something that we considered very carefully, and in the end, we know the worldwide audience will take WCF to a whole new level.”

“I can’t tell you how much respect we have for the Haltech World Cup Finals and what the Millers have built with this event,” said James Lawrence, SpeedVideo CEO. “It’s an event that has a loyal, amazing following, merging together the competition of imports and domestics in a very innovative format. Frankly, it’s an event you need to attend in person to really be able to understand what a crazy, exciting show it is. But we also realize, not everyone all over the world is going to be able to be at MDIR that weekend. Now, they will be able to experience it in full high-definition, and our team is as excited about this event than any event on our schedule. It’s going to be a monster.”

The Haltech World Cup Finals brings side by side racing action from just about every type of genre in drag racing – featuring the top cars from just about every sanctioning body on the planet. You’ll see Outlaw 10.5, Extreme Compact, Limited Drag Radial, Modified Compact, X275 and Hot Rod plus Street Fighter, Super Street, True Street, and All Motor classes made up of high horsepower street cars from just about every circuit and series in the world!

“Forget the trash talking, it’s time to prove that these drivers have got what it takes, with each side putting their reputation and egos on the line,” said Miller. “The event features Import vs. Domestic Drag Racing, a Custom Car Show, Bikini Contest, a huge Vendor Midway, Live DJ, and so much more! The event is busting at the seams with over 25,000 fans in attendance, and there is no other event like it!

SpeedVideo.com will broadcast live the 21st annual Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic event, November 4-6, 2016 on SpeedVideo.com, also simulcast on Dragzine, Revved Magazine, and other popular Power Automedia magazines.

So make plans now to attend this spectacular event at Maryland International Raceway and experience it first hand! For more event information on WCF, visit www.importvsdomestic.com

SpeedVideo.com & DigNight announce Multi-Year Live Broadcast Partnership, including DigNight @ NRG NFL Stadium June 24-25

DN Speedvideo

Murrieta, Apri 11, 2016DigNight Street Racing events were born from the love of street racing and fast cars, trying to put the most horsepower as possible into a car while still being able to drive it on the street. With an innovative event format, DigNight events have been exploading in fan and racer turnout on the streets of Texas. Power Automedia and SpeedVideo.com are proud to announce they have entered into a multi-year partnership with DigNight to live broadcast the DigNight events for 2016 and beyond, including two monster events for this year.

We are starting with a big one. For the first time ever, DigNight decided to the take drag racing to the next level, partnering with NRG NFL Stadium to host the biggest street race in the world. On June 24-25, 2016 the NRG NFL Stadium will host DigNight @ NRG; an event in Houston, Texas you don’t want to miss.

“There will be street racing by some of the fastest cars in the world, like Mike Murillo, Birdman, John Doe, Kye Kelly, and more.” said DigNight’s Jerrod Thompson, “Plus, we’ll have other great entertainment such as live music, mini races between rounds, tons of vendors, covered seating, a beer garden and VIP area. We are taking street racing to a whole new level.”

“If you could build an event that will lead itself to a monster live audience, you start with a drag race at an NFL Stadium, some of the biggest stars in the street racing world, and promotional geniuses like the guys at DigNight,” said SpeedVideo’s James Lawrence. “This is going to be a crazy, it’s going to be wild, and it’s going to be live. It was a no brainer for us.”

That’s not the only event on the schedule for 2016. Later in the year, the DigNight crew will be hosting the Lonestar Resurrection No Prep race with an astounding $100,000 payout in Big Tire, with equally impressive payouts in the other classes. Yes, $100,000. It all goes down Sept 16-17th at Royal Purple Raceway, and SpeedVideo.com cameras will be live and rolling all of the action in full HD for the fans that can’t be in the stands.

“We want to reach the masses with our branded DigNight Street Racing and No Prep events. If you can’t make it to the race, we are going to bring this style of racing to you,” explained DigNight’s Thompson. “Our racing is the future, and it has to be seen to be believed. To be the best, you have to work with the best, which is why we decided to partner with SpeedVideo for these live broadcasts.”

Show up in Houston at DigNight  to experience it all first hand, or watch it online in HD at SpeedVideo.com. For more event information, visit http://www.facebook.com/dignight

SpeedVideo.com to offer FREE HD Live Stream for Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals


Murrieta, CA – March 11, 2016 – SpeedVideo.com’s charter is to become one of the leading online destinations for race fans to watch live and on-demand automotive events. Part of that experience is providing an outstanding viewing experience. High production values often mean multiple cameras, on-air talents, and an HD viewing experience. Those are the hallmarks of a live event broadcast, yet they’ve remained out of reach for most automotive events except for professional series. It’s understandable as the cost of live HD broadcasting with high production values are high.

“We have been trying to solve this problem working with many successful race promoters,” said SpeedVideo’s James Lawrence. “When you talk to the promoters, they want to offer an amazing live streaming video experience for fans at home, but it comes with the risk of high expenses, and potentially affecting spectators that might attend their events. Spectators of course, help support the racers purses and keep the event viable. Well, I think we’ve solved that with what we call a ‘hybrid free/pay per view’ model.”

“We will be bringing HD and better production values to the viewers who want that upgraded viewing experience via a reasonable pay per view, but also at most events will simulcast the live stream in standard definition for free. This makes sense for the promoters that work so hard to promote these events, and also for the fans at home who just want a better video experience.”

How it will work for most events is simple: Standard definition will be broadcast for free, while an HD broadcast will be available for a fair, reasonable pay per view fee, typically from $6.95 to $19.95 for the entire weekend. “We are partners on the broadcasts with the promoters,” explained Lawrence,” with the promoter earning a share of the pay per view that helps support the event, pay race purses and expenses. Some promoters may not choose to broadcast in HD, while others may choose to do Pay Per View only. Ultimately, it’s up to the promoter depending on what makes the most sense for their fan base, event, and racers.”

To kick off the inaugural SpeedVideo live broadcasting event, SpeedVideo will be offering the HD Pay Per View for FREE at the Speed Society Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals March 11-12, 2016; as well as additional select 2016 events. Starting in the Fall of 2016; we expect most events will be available in the hybrid “HD” dual broadcast.

SpeedVideo streaming events can be watched on your favorite devices. Visit www.speedvideo.com to watch and learn more.

SpeedVideo and Radial Fest announce Live Broadcast Partnership including April 29-30, 2016


Radial Fest has become one of the hottest events on the drag radial tour thanks to it’s outstanding track conditions and beautiful weather, both spring and fall. Records have fallen each and every year at Huntsville, including the first three-second run ever by a radial tire, and this year, SpeedVideo.com and Dragzine.com are proud to announce a multi-year partnership with Radial Fest to live stream broadcast it’s events.

“We knew that we needed to live broadcast Radial Fest, because fans all over the world have been asking us to bring the show into their living rooms,” explained Radial Fest’s marketing director Zach Jones. “We feel like Speedvideo was the right partner for us because of their commitment to help us promote the event. Our sponsors want the exposure, and we know they will produce an outstanding broadcast. There are some exciting announcements upcoming that will really change the game.”

“Radial Fest is an event that is extremely popular among the fastest radial racers in the country,” said Dragzine’s Andrew Wolf. “Because this event hasn’t gotten the national exposure via a live broadcast, it will be very exciting to partner with the Radial Fest team and see where this event can go over the next several years.”

“At every Radial Fest event there has been a three-second pass and some sort of world record set, whether it’s in Radial vs The World, X275, or Outlaw 275,” said Jones. “This year, we will continue to build on our past success by working to increase purses and improve the overall experience for both racers and fans.”

Make plans to be in Huntsville to experience it all firsthand, or tune in April 29-30, 2016, when Speedvideo.com will be presenting the live broadcast.


SpeedVideo to Live Broadcast Outlaw Armageddon No Prep Invitational August 19­-20, 2016 at Thunder Valley


SpeedVideo.com, in conjunction with THE Drag Racing Magazine, Dragzine.com, to LIVE BROADCAST the ORIGINAL, and WORLD’s Biggest No­-Prep Race, the highly­anticipated Outlaw Armageddon in Thunder Valley, OK.  “We are extremely excited to be able to partner with SpeedVideo.com to bring our event to the internet,” explained Thunder Valley’s Nick Duty. “Just as Outlaw Armageddon revolutionized No Prep Racing last year, SpeedVideo.com will help us take the event to another level for our fans.”

“The demand to have Outlaw Armageddon available for live broadcast has been overwhelming,” explained SpeedVideo.com’s James Lawrence. “Not only will fans be able to watch round­by­round coverage, but they will also have inside access to the driver’s meeting and instant replay’s of action on the track. This will be the closest you can be to the excitement without sitting in the stands.”


“The inaugural event was amazing, but ‘Outlaw Armageddon – The Second Coming’ promises to be bigger and better,” said Duty. “We have more than doubled the purse to over $80,000 and given every racer in the country the opportunity to be part of one of the largest heads­up races in 2016 by entering one of our four classes. We have opened the competition up to include 200 racers.”

Outlaw Armageddon is a one­ of ­a ­kind experience. Not only are they bringing together the toughest racers in the country, but they’re doing it in the heart of the legendary 405 with a flashlight start. The inaugural event was an overwhelming success, with over 18,000 fans packing into the track from 38 different states. For this year’s event the track and the promoters have vowed to go bigger and better. The race has been expanded to include Big Tire and Small Tire Invitational races, along with the popular “Race Your Way In” class and the Outlaw Street and True Street classes.

In 2016, the fans got to voice their opinion on which drivers should be included in both Invitational classes, and with over one million votes cast, the lineup is even more amazing than last year. Not only have all of the favorites returned to the lists, like Big Chief, Murder Nova, Daddy Dave, Boosted GT, Doc, and Monza, but fans have added such names as Jeff Lutz, Larry Larson, Petey Smallblock, Brian “Chucky” Davis, Mike Murillo and James “Birdman” Finney to the lineup. The tagline for the event is “Often Imitated, but Never Duplicated”, because nothing can compare to being deep in the 405, in the cozy confines of Thunder Valley Raceway, with unprecedented access to the baddest racers in the world.

Show up in Thunder Valley to experience it all first hand, or tune in August 19­20, 2016, when www.Speedvideo.com & www.Dragzine.com will be presenting the live broadcast of Outlaw Armageddon. For more event information, visit www.outlawarmageddon.com

Power Automedia to launch new automotive live streaming network SpeedVideo.com





The magic of motorsports and automotive performance will be in full effect as Speedvideo.com becomes a go-to destination for the best automotive enthusiast video content, originally produced, on-demand, curated, or live streamed.

Temecula, January 22, 2016 – Power Automedia is pleased to announce plans to launch Speedvideo.com in the third quarter of 2016. The website’s cornerstone will be live streamed automotive programming, with a focus on producing live racing events in year one. Video content shall be distributed through Power Automedia’s network of 12 automotive magazines which reach over 1.5 million monthly viewers, as well as through Speedvideo.com’s video-specific user interface.

“We believe in the magic of the automobile, and we believe the next step in immersing ourselves and our readers in that passion is by delivering live video of many of the industry’s top automotive events,” explained James Lawrence, Power Automedia CEO. “We want to bring our viewers a dynamic automotive live event experience for events they can’t watch on network television. Plus, our editorial team will be on-site at these events — adding photo galleries, race results, and news as the events unfold. This is the content our readers love.”

The live streaming coverage will be soft-launched in March 2016 with the $50K No Prep Bounty Hunters Drag Racing Event. Held in San Antonio, Texas, March 11-12, it will be broadcast on Dragzine.com with a 3-camera production utilizing Live Stream technology. The event will star infamous drag racing personalities such as BoostedGT, Larry Larson, and James “Birdman” Finney, and will feature the return of Mike Murillo’s LaFawnduh Mustang competing in the $50k to win ‘Big Tire’ class.

Speedvideo.com will also feature original programming, including on-demand coverage of automotive events, tech and how-to videos, the SEMA and PRI trade shows, car features, car shows, and other unique automotive content. In addition, Speedvideo.com will curate some of the best on-demand and live-streamed video content from around the web.

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