SpeedVideo.com, in conjunction with THE Drag Racing Magazine, Dragzine.com, to LIVE BROADCAST the ORIGINAL, and WORLD’s Biggest No­-Prep Race, the highly­anticipated Outlaw Armageddon in Thunder Valley, OK.  “We are extremely excited to be able to partner with SpeedVideo.com to bring our event to the internet,” explained Thunder Valley’s Nick Duty. “Just as Outlaw Armageddon revolutionized No Prep Racing last year, SpeedVideo.com will help us take the event to another level for our fans.”

“The demand to have Outlaw Armageddon available for live broadcast has been overwhelming,” explained SpeedVideo.com’s James Lawrence. “Not only will fans be able to watch round­by­round coverage, but they will also have inside access to the driver’s meeting and instant replay’s of action on the track. This will be the closest you can be to the excitement without sitting in the stands.”


“The inaugural event was amazing, but ‘Outlaw Armageddon – The Second Coming’ promises to be bigger and better,” said Duty. “We have more than doubled the purse to over $80,000 and given every racer in the country the opportunity to be part of one of the largest heads­up races in 2016 by entering one of our four classes. We have opened the competition up to include 200 racers.”

Outlaw Armageddon is a one­ of ­a ­kind experience. Not only are they bringing together the toughest racers in the country, but they’re doing it in the heart of the legendary 405 with a flashlight start. The inaugural event was an overwhelming success, with over 18,000 fans packing into the track from 38 different states. For this year’s event the track and the promoters have vowed to go bigger and better. The race has been expanded to include Big Tire and Small Tire Invitational races, along with the popular “Race Your Way In” class and the Outlaw Street and True Street classes.

In 2016, the fans got to voice their opinion on which drivers should be included in both Invitational classes, and with over one million votes cast, the lineup is even more amazing than last year. Not only have all of the favorites returned to the lists, like Big Chief, Murder Nova, Daddy Dave, Boosted GT, Doc, and Monza, but fans have added such names as Jeff Lutz, Larry Larson, Petey Smallblock, Brian “Chucky” Davis, Mike Murillo and James “Birdman” Finney to the lineup. The tagline for the event is “Often Imitated, but Never Duplicated”, because nothing can compare to being deep in the 405, in the cozy confines of Thunder Valley Raceway, with unprecedented access to the baddest racers in the world.

Show up in Thunder Valley to experience it all first hand, or tune in August 19­20, 2016, when www.Speedvideo.com & www.Dragzine.com will be presenting the live broadcast of Outlaw Armageddon. For more event information, visit www.outlawarmageddon.com

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