Murrieta, CA – March 11, 2016 –’s charter is to become one of the leading online destinations for race fans to watch live and on-demand automotive events. Part of that experience is providing an outstanding viewing experience. High production values often mean multiple cameras, on-air talents, and an HD viewing experience. Those are the hallmarks of a live event broadcast, yet they’ve remained out of reach for most automotive events except for professional series. It’s understandable as the cost of live HD broadcasting with high production values are high.

“We have been trying to solve this problem working with many successful race promoters,” said SpeedVideo’s James Lawrence. “When you talk to the promoters, they want to offer an amazing live streaming video experience for fans at home, but it comes with the risk of high expenses, and potentially affecting spectators that might attend their events. Spectators of course, help support the racers purses and keep the event viable. Well, I think we’ve solved that with what we call a ‘hybrid free/pay per view’ model.”

“We will be bringing HD and better production values to the viewers who want that upgraded viewing experience via a reasonable pay per view, but also at most events will simulcast the live stream in standard definition for free. This makes sense for the promoters that work so hard to promote these events, and also for the fans at home who just want a better video experience.”

How it will work for most events is simple: Standard definition will be broadcast for free, while an HD broadcast will be available for a fair, reasonable pay per view fee, typically from $6.95 to $19.95 for the entire weekend. “We are partners on the broadcasts with the promoters,” explained Lawrence,” with the promoter earning a share of the pay per view that helps support the event, pay race purses and expenses. Some promoters may not choose to broadcast in HD, while others may choose to do Pay Per View only. Ultimately, it’s up to the promoter depending on what makes the most sense for their fan base, event, and racers.”

To kick off the inaugural SpeedVideo live broadcasting event, SpeedVideo will be offering the HD Pay Per View for FREE at the Speed Society Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals March 11-12, 2016; as well as additional select 2016 events. Starting in the Fall of 2016; we expect most events will be available in the hybrid “HD” dual broadcast.

SpeedVideo streaming events can be watched on your favorite devices. Visit to watch and learn more.

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