SpeedVideo is all about killer live automotive video. We shoot it, stream it, and broadcast it to your device of choice so you can watch what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.  We’re all about racing. We live and breathe all kinds of motorsports. We’re going to find the best, baddest automotive events from all over, and we’re going to bring them right to you. We wanted to build a better mousetrap, so we upped our production quality with multi-camera shoots, and broadcast in high-definition. We urge you to play our stream on your 60-inch TV at home and enjoy that viewing experience with a cold beer.

Our promise to you… superior quality, immersive video, and kick-ass racing.

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Sponsorship Information

SpeedVideo.com offers sponsorship packages for individual events as well for 12-month programs. Send us a message and we’ll be in contact on how we can work together to grow your business.

SpeedVideo Team

James Lawrence

CEO / President

James is addicted to tennis, passionate about cars, and adores his family. He strives to help others achieve their dreams.

Megan Cook

Vice President

A lover of spreadsheets, filing, and yoga, Megan enjoys laughing with co-workers and reconciling bank statements.

Andrew Almazan

Operations Director

Andrew respects creativity and dedication in media. With a fine haircut, good tunes and strong friendships, life is great!

Tom Bobolts

General Manager

Tom admires diversity and experiences with people. He loves anything that can go fast, technology, and teaching others.

Brittany Poleon

Administrative Operations Manager

Brittany loves knowing that every day, she makes a difference. But don't bet against her team, or she will take you down!

Aaron Hahn

Sales Manager

Aaron loves spicy foods and cars. He is passionate about working with others and being a part of the automotive industry.

Melissa Lawrence

Event Coordinator

Melissa loved cars even before meeting her car-loving husband. She is a busy mother of two, and is always up for an adventure.

Brian Wagner

Editorial Coordinator

Brian's love for racing began in his childhood in the families 67 Nova. When he's not writing, he's wrenching on his Trans Am.

Brandon McCray


Brandon has his feet firmly planted on the ground and is extremely passionate about two things: cars and video production.

Greg Myracle


Greg loves putting his skills and creativity to the test – whether he’s at work or out backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Kaley Lione


Kaley is a movie and food lover. She enjoys helping others and fixing things.

Dimitri Lazaris


Dimitri keeps it traditional: he shoots 35mm film and races a ’58 dragster. Also, his wife built a better car than you.

Christina Dominguez

Sponsorship Coordinator

Christina is inspired by the drive and passion that her coworkers share for their jobs and each other... and Cross-Fit.

Judy Chatelain

Administrative Support

Judy enjoys her team and believes in doing her best. She enjoys adventures, and is teaching her kids to speak Spanish.

Lloyd Hunt

Business Development Manager

Lloyd loves building relationships and appreciates car culture. He is a family man and enjoys BBQ and sappy movies.

Mads Buck

Business Development Manager

Mads is usually dressed in his native clogs. He is outgoing and personable and loves spending time with his wife and children.

Eric Schumacher

Business Development Manager

You have 3 choices: give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got. Eric gives it all he's got with his passion for creating video.

Ed Zinke

Business Development Manager

Ed loves the creative and competition aspects of sales. He enjoys seeing passion put into builds and is obsessed with always having a clean ride.

Eric Huson

Business Development Manager

Passionate about the Lord, his family and friends, there is never a dull moment with Eric. He lives and breathes automotive.

Brian Petty

Scriptwriter / Talent

With experience building cars and telling stories, Brian's passion lies between wrenching in his garage and showing you how to make horsepower.

Join the Team

Do you have a passion for motorsports videography? Are you interested in working with SpeedVideo.com? Shoot us an email with your portfolio and location and we’ll be in touch!

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